Once you submit your clients application you will be registered you as the introducer/ .

Yes, we will honour any signed commission agreement you may have with your client which we be paid in full at completion.

We respect and honour all forms of confidentiality, all your dealings with Wales Investments Inc are protected under our own strict confidentiality policy.

It is our policy when working with Insurance Companies or Financial Institutions to grant special trade wholesale rates.

We are direct Lenders and Investors who have our own Private Funds, you deal only with Wales Investments Inc.

Yes, there are fees involved. The fees ONLY become payable when your project has been approved for entry into our fund. At that point a Commitment to Fund will be issued, upon acceptance a fee becomes due. There are also closing costs payable on signing of our JV Loan Investment Contract. (It is possible to obtain Bridge Funding for part of the Closing Costs for qualifying clients.)

No, these fees are an expense incurred by Wales Investments Inc and not a profit. The fees are to cover the following: compliance, underwriting to a commitment with document issuance and legal costs to prepare a 36 page contract and issue. If an applicant did not cover these fees then their investment into the transaction would be zero.

No, following the review of your project information, we would advise whether we have interest or not. if yes, then once our procedure is followed and adhered to you would be approved.